Tzuyu, the Story Continues


I kept putting this off because it seems like there’s something new every day, but I think the drama is at it’s peak right now so why not write about it. First I’d like to correct an error I made in my original post. I said Tzuyu said she was from Taiwan, but that never actually happened. As you can see here she was asked if she was from Taiwan, and Jackson answered for her saying Chinese Taipei. Jackson knew things would go bad if he didn’t make that clear but unfortunately it still happened. Knowing that, it just makes this whole thing even more confusing.

I’ve been collecting links for the past four days, I may have missed some things but this is what I know so far, hopefully in the right order:

  • Huang An claimed Tzuyu supports the Taiwanese Independence movement because she held a Taiwanese flag during My Little Television.
  • This resulted in Twice’s performance being removed from whatever Chinese shows they were going to be on.
  • Various Chinese music sites then remove all JYP artists’ music, videos, etc.
  • Twice loses their CF deal with LG + Huawei.
  • Jackson’s appearance on a Chinese show called Day Day Up gets cancelled.
  • JYPE announce their Chinese activities will be put on hold.
  • JYPE changes Tzuyu’s nationality to Taiwan-China.
  • Tzuyu makes an apology video, here’s a translation.
  • JYPE release another statement saying Tzuyu supports One China.
  • JYP releases his own apology on Weibo.
  • JYPE stock falls.
  • Nickhun cancels an appearance in China because of the ongoing drama.
  • JUKSY offers JYPE $1Bil TWD to terminate Tzuyu’s contract.
  • The president of Taiwan apparently said something about Tzuyu on TV, the original link I had was deleted before I could even finish writing this.
  • Tzuyu’s mom is now in Korea.
  • Not exactly sure what’s happening here but apparently the DDP is trying to take advantage of the situation.

I hate saying this, but I wouldn’t be surprised of Tzuyu was forced to leave Twice/JYPE. If something like that does happen I hope it’ll be like the Jisoo/Lovelyz situation where she eventually does come back. This whole thing sucks though, I hope it’s over soon.



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