Favorite Songs of February 2016

Hello again. I’m going to be trying something new today. This will be about some of my favorite recently released songs. I will probably only do one of these a month, so this one will be for February 2016. I’m also considering making posts about my favorite songs from when I got into Kpop (2007) to January 2016. This won’t be anything deep, just a list of songs linking their music videos (if they have one) and a few sentences on why I like them. If you want in depth reviews you should check out MRJ’s YouTube channel.

Ladies’ Code – Galaxy

I’ve been a fan of Ladies’ Code for a while, Hate You is one of my favorite songs in general, and this song just puts them even higher on my imaginary girl group tier list. Unfortunately it suffered the same fate as Rainbow’s Black Swan in that it didn’t appeal to the normal Kpop sound fans are used to and kind of flopped. Releasing this in early Winter might have helped since that’s usually when people want slower songs, but I’m no expert on Korean business so I’m probably wrong.

Mamamoo – 1cm

Although it’s kind of meant to be a joke song I ended up liking it more than all of their past releases. I’m not sure if that has something to do with my taste or them just sounding like SISTAR 2.0 normally. Being SISTAR 2.0 isn’t a bad thing though, I’m just not personally a fan of them. One thing I never really care about is the music videos for songs but I thought this one was great. I probably would have skipped through half way if it wasn’t for the MV so I’m glad they made it.

4TEN – 지독하게

This came out of no where for me. I had no idea they were even having a comeback until the day I downloaded the album. I loved Why and although Tornado was slightly worse it was still decent. This song really surprised me though, it reminds me of Kara before they went full Jpop. Hopefully they gain some traction because it’s pretty rare for a nugu group to be this consistent, they really need to stop changing members though, that really hurts popularity/marketing.

4Minute – Hate

I’ve seen this get called Crazy 2.0 a lot and I see why but Crazy was good so I can’t complain. I remember my first time listening, I had to pause to song to full understand WTF just happened after the drop. It made no sense to me, but I liked it and wanted to hear it again, and that’s the sign of something good. Congrats Skrillex, you got me to like one of your songs.

Taemin – Press Your Number

This is kind of embarrassing. I’ve known who Taemin was for a long time and known he was from SME, but I had no idea he was part of SHINee. As you can clearly see I’m not really a huge fan of boy groups/soloists, but damn this song is catchy. I never thought I’d have “preeeeeeeeeess yoooooooour nuuuuuuuuuumber” stuck in my head but Taemin made it happen.


That’s all for now. There are a few more songs I’ll list under this that I thought were okay but didn’t like enough to place them in the same tier as the five songs above.

Brave Girls – Deepened‬
Rainbow – Whoo
Cosmic Girls/WJSN – Mo Mo Mo
CLC – High Heels


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