Quick Update – 16/03/26

Hey guys, this is just a quick update post. I’ve updated my bias list a bit, and I’m thinking about just deleting the links page. I think anyone who can find my blog most likely knows where else to go anyway. I’ve also noticed how boring the site looks. Once I find a nice looking banner I’ll add one, I’m really picky about stuff like this though so it might take a while.

This month has been kind of slow in “good” releases so I haven’t even found five songs I liked enough to write about yet. Based off the previews Oh My Girl’s album might have multiple good songs so that’s good I guess. Outside of that I’ve been slowly making a list of older songs I’d like to write about by just listening to my entire album on shuffle. Once I find 30 or so I’ll probably organize them into groups of five or six if they’re similar enough.

I thought about making a post dedicated to G.NA after hearing the recent news because I liked some of her songs but that feels a little opportunistic, I never made a “final” Tzuyu post for the same reason. I also have an f(x) post I’m working on, hopefully that’ll be finished in the next few days, as long as I stop getting distracted by other stuff.


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