Oh! My Girls’ Generation

Last night Oh My Girl did SNSD’s Oh! justice with a cover on The Show. This is probably my favorite SNSD cover so far and I don’t even like the song that much, that’s how good of a job they did. I’m just sad they didn’t cover Mr. Mr. when they were Oh My Boy on April Fools.

I just found out they did a cover of The Boys too, although not as good because they didn’t rerecord the audio like they did with Oh!.

Here’s their April Fools Oh My Boy performance, I really wish they would have done Mr. Mr. with these outfits…

Mr. Mr. done right by AOA, Bestie, and Girl’s Day.

GFriend and Twice also covered SNSD’s Gee on Inkigayo last month, I wasn’t a huge fan though. I don’t know what the bigger sin was, not doing the intro or not giving Jessica’s parts to SinB. I unconsciously decided to use sin when talking about SinB so that’s probably it.

At least it wasn’t as bad as AOA’s Genie cover on The Show…

I don’t think anyone wanted to be there besides Choa and Jimin.


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