Harry Potter Sana is adorable

I know these pics are pretty old but I finally found the source on them so I thought I’d share. They’re from a fan meeting on 15/10/30 where the girls wore Harry Potter outfits.

CSk3y4vUAAIltM8.jpg origCSk3yHaUkAEaAEU.jpg origCSq16FHUYAAWnga.jpg origCSq16PUVEAAFFVD.jpg origCTK7OnQVEAAgGTo.jpg origCTK7OoSVAAAKi-Y.jpg origCTK7OpxVAAAlzSB.jpg origCTK73liU8AADEmu.jpg origCTK73nGUAAE3-Od.jpg origCTK73pDUEAEGlrV.jpg orig

Source: 1, 2, 3, 4

Bonus Dahyun!



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