New Year link dump PART 2

WJSN Idol Arcade

WJSN – Loving You cover

Twice – TT remix

16/12/31 Twice fancam

Hani, Seolhyun, Tzuyu special performance

ATK Award Queen of Queen


Naeyeon fancams

Tzuyu fancams

Seolhyun fancams

Sana fancam

Mina fancam

Twice – Cheer Up & TT

Red Velvet Russian Roulette

Oh My Girl Expressions PK Match

16/12/23 Oh My Girl & Twice covers

Gugudan – Wonderland Christmas Version


16/12/20 Yooa – All I want for Christmas is You

16/12/16 Joy fancam

Somi Golden Tambourine performance

Eunha Sunny Girls BTS

Jisoo 1cm cam

Oh My Girl Safety app CF

Sohye penguin dance



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