About Me

So uh, I accidentally deleted my old about me a while back and didn’t realize it until now. This blog is just dedicated to me posting whatever kpop related things I feel like. Sometimes I’ll spam fan cams** of my favorite idols*, other times I’ll write about new songs or shows that came out. My posts will be pretty random, don’t expect anything consistent, I’ll try to make a few per week though unless I’m busy. Almost every post will be about girl groups, sorry boy group fans.


*Biases (who you will most likely see posts about):

AOA – Choa

April – All!

BlackPink – Lisa

Brown Eyed Girls – Gain

DIA – Chaeyeon, Jueun

Dreamcatcher – Gahyeon

EXID – Hani, Solji

GFRIEND – Eunha, Sowon

I.O.I – Somi

Lovelyz – Jisoo, Kei, Sujeong

Oh My Girl – Arin, Binnie, Jiho, Yooa

Pristin – Xiyeon

Red Velvet – Joy, Seulgi


Twice – Dahyun, Mina, Momo, Sana

WJSN – Cheng Xiao, Eunseo, Yeoreum


**This is not a “kfapper” blog and I am not associated with that subreddit or any related websites. I’m only bringing this up because people keep finding my blog through searches like “tzuyu porn” (wtf!?) and “kpop boobs”.