YooA & Junsun Yoo’s (her brother) “Keeping your head up”

On April 20th (OMG’s 2nd year anniversary), YooA and her brother Junsun Yoo uploaded two videos of them dancing together to “Keeping your head up” by birdy. Normally I’m not too into the dancing side of kpop but for some reason I really liked this.

17/04/07 comeback roundup

Hello friends, I’m finally back. I wasn’t really feeling any of the past releases until recently so I had nothing to talk about, but now I do!

First there’s Gugudan’s title song “A Girl Like Me“, it’s not really anything amazing or new but it’s short and easy to listen to. The rest of the album is pretty similar, in a way it reminds me of Girl’s Day’s albums.

Next is GFriend’s title song “Fingertip“. It’s probably the worst song on the album but it’s still alright, feels very early 90s Japanese funk/pop inspired. In my opinion 바람의 노래 and 비행운 : 飛行雲 are better, but I understand why Fingertip is the title song. I think I’ve listened to the album 15 times since its release and I’m still not tired of it.

Oh My Girl finally came back with a real title song (sorry, I really didn’t like A-ing) “Coloring Book” and it seems like the reception has been really mixed. I’ve seen people call it a mess and others say it’s their favorite OMG song. It’s similar to “Liar Liar” except with a bit of an SNSD feel so I’m not really sure how people can like that song but call this one a mess. The rest of the songs on the album are good, which is new for OMG. I almost want to say they’re becoming a better version of Red Velvet but that would be bad mannered. The last song “Perfect Day” is another song they’re sort of promoting, it’s pretty much a generic 2000s pop rock song but I’m not complaining.

Finally we have Dreamcatcher’s newest title song “Good Night“. I’m so happy they’re sticking with the rock concept, I was worried it’d be a one time thing and they’d go back to being generic Kpop idol group #93429348. Outside of the rap part this song feels a lot more kawaii metal inspired than “Chase Me“, but I think that’s a good thing. I know I’m asking for way too much but I hope their next song is similar to Deep Girl’s “I Kill“.


So that’s it for now, if you only have time to listen to one of these I’d probably go with Good Night even though it’s not really a Kpop song. EXID, DIA, T-ara, and a few other groups are having comebacks soon so hopefully they’re good enough for me to want to talk about.

Twice – Knock Knock

Unless you’re living under a rock you probably know Twice released Knock Knock yesterday. Reception has been alright, it’s a pretty safe song so don’t expect your mind to be blown. If anything it feels like a “fan” song that groups usually release a few years after debut to sing at concerts, except it’s just not a ballad. The MV is pretty standard, and JYP trolling people who actually thought Somi would be joining Twice is pretty funny. It’s definitely a skippable song but I didn’t think it was bad or anything. If you’re interested and somehow haven’t seen it yet, here’s the MV: